BENTWOOD Rings - Handcrafted, Organic, Durable, Hypoallergenic


The bentwood ring difference 

The process of bending wood into rings utilizes the full strength of the wood with the grain wrapping around the circumference of the ring giving them surprisingly durable structure and displaying the wood grains full beauty.   

Every ring I create is custom made using my own time tested specific bending and finishing system resulting in an organic piece of jewelry and wearable art that is waterproof and extremely durable.



Using only premium domestic and exotic hardwoods, all woods are responsibly sourced, reclaimed or salvaged as I strongly believe in contributing to a better world.  For each bent wood ring sold I donate to planting one new tree to the oldest, non-profit conservation organization in the United States, American Forests, to protect and restore our forests. 



Handcrafted by my hands one at a time, my rings are custom made to order in my shop located in The Woodlands, TX. Choose from my designs or customize your own wood engagement, wedding, anniversary or unique wooden ring gift using your own specific wood or inlay material that has a special meaning to you or loved one.



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