Custom, Handcrafted, Unique, Natural & Durable Bentwood Rings


Why Wood?

Beyond the obvious natural beauty and uniqueness of wood, it offers a huge environmental benefit over plastic and metal rings. Wood is one of the lightest and most durable materials on earth and you will notice right away how much more comfortable it is to wear compared to other materials. 

Why Bentwood? 

Not your "cookie-cutter" or bore cut wood ring. My bentwood rings use the process of steam bending wood, wrapping around the circumference of the ring utilizing the full strength of the wood's grain. Authentic and true bentwood rings eliminate the end grain of the wood giving them the most durable structure not to mention displaying the wood's full beauty.   


Only premium grade domestic and exotic woods, all responsibly sourced as I strongly believe in contributing to a better world for our planet and future generations. Each ring sold donates to planting one new tree by contributing to the oldest, non-profit conservation organization in the United States, American Forests, to protect and restore our forests. 


Due to the particularities of wood and the bentwood technique, it is not possible to mass-produce them unlike metal or other common ring materials.  Each ring is handcrafted by my hands one at a time and are custom made to order from start to finish using my specific proprietary time-tested bending and stabilization method resulting in an organic piece of jewelry and wearable art. Waterproof, extremely durable, guaranteed and unique ring jewelry.

Custom Designed 

Choose from my collection or custom design your own bentwood engagement, wedding, anniversary or unique wooden ring gift. I am able to use your own design, specific wood and/or inlay materials like cremation ashes, beach sand, stones, guitar string, etc. that has a special meaning to you or a loved one.



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