Custom handcrafted bentwood wood rings for engagement, weddings or unique gift

Welcome to BENTWOOD Jewelry Design!   My wood rings are handcrafted by me personally using my specific bentwood and finishing process for a wood ring that is not only beautiful and natural but extremely durable and crafted rugged enough to wear throughout the day.

As a little girl making sawdust with my "Papaw" in his shop, I have always enjoyed working with wood which for me is very meaningful, expressive and beautiful.  Over the years I have honed my skills to create elegant custom wooden rings that are extremely durable and truly enjoy knowing that each wood ring I create becomes a part of my clients "story" that can be appreciated and cherished by them for many years.  

Every wood ring is custom made to order and crafted with patience, love and care.  I thrive on the challenge and welcome any new ideas to create your special and unique wood ring. My goal is to provide you with a truly original and personalized handcrafted bentwood ring that will surpass your expectations and I look forward to collaborating with you and creating your one-of-a-kind bentwood ring. 

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