Bentwood constructed wood ring versus laminate or drilled wooden ring November 10 2013

Traditional Wood Rings -

The cheaper variation of a wooden ring is bored out from a solid section of wood or from laminated wood layers glued together. These lower quality rings are typically made on a drill press or lathe and can be mass produced which makes them monetarily cheap but unfortunately cheap in quality as well.  Even with proper care, the life span of these "cookie-cutter" style rings is measured in weeks if not days if you plan to wear your ring.


Advantages to a Bentwood Crafted Wood Ring -

A bentwood ring can be crafted much thinner and more narrow than a traditional wood ring without compromising the rings structural integrity as well a making the ring much more comfortable.  


A bentwood ring has no short end grain exposed but instead uses the full length and beauty of the woods grain which wraps around the circumference of the ring allowing the design to be thin, narrow and very durable.


A bentwood ring requires much less material to craft. The lower quality wood rings actually create more waste than the wood needed for the ring itself. Bentwood rings are environmentally friendly and can be created from salvaged and remnant lumber.

Bentwood rings demand more time, skill and planning but the end result is worth it...a beautiful, unique and VERY durable wood ring that will last for years.



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